Order of the Faith

The Order of the Faith, established in 2019, is the Oregon District of the United Pentecostal Church International's prestigious award honoring outstanding achievement and exemplary service to the UPCI. New members are decided upon by the District Board and are inducted biannually. Biographies highlighting each member's achievements are available below.

Rev. James L. Bigelow


Inducted 2019

James Leroy Bigelow was born to Ralph and Elda Bigelow in Eau Claire, Wisconsin May 11th 1942. The sixth of eleven brothers and sisters, he attended United Pentecostal churches since he was born. His parents received the gift of the Holy Ghost about ten years prior to his birth.

As a youngster, Rev. Bigelow had his share of shenanigans. In one comical vignette, his mother was chasing him around the kitchen table to give him a whoopin, when she yelled at him, "Get thee behind me, Satan!"

He shot back, "Yeah! Boot her along!!"

Often during his teen years, under the pastorate of Reverend Samuel and Sadie Hart, he was under the conviction of the Holy Ghost but stubbornly refused to yield himself to God. In 1963, at the age of 21, he entered the United States Air Force. He trained for the security services, learned the Russian language and was stationed at the Karamürsel Air Force Base on the Marmora Sea near Turkey. While there, he intercepted Russian communications. He also attended church on a casual basis, making no commitment to live for God.

Shortly after he was discharged, the Lord began to deal strongly with him in September of 1968 at 26 years old. While watching a Billy Graham crusade, under the conviction of the Holy Ghost, he knelt and repented of his life of his sins.

In July 1969, he attended the Wisconsin family camp meeting and took it a liking to that cutie from Marshfield, Wisconsin - Wanda Messing. They married in September 1969, and that evening they set out for Portland, Oregon for James to attend Conqueror's Bible College. In Bible College, Rev. Bigelow was in charge of leading young men aspiring to the ministry.

In 1971, their first son David was born, and Rev. Bigelow graduated in 1972. After graduation, Rev. & Sis. James Bigelow returned to Wisconsin, where they pastored their first church in Stevens Point, Wisconsin from 1972 to 1976.

Their second son, Steven, was born in 1973 and their first daughter Cheryl Ann was born in 1975.

Feeling the call to evangelize, they headed west in April 1976. In North Bend, Oregon, they preached a revival for Rev. and Sister Ernest Moyer and helped them remodel the church. Afterwards, Rev. Moyer retired and recommended Rev. Bigelow to be the new pastor. He was voted in in January 1977.

Rev. Bigelow is a clarion voice of sound doctrine and scholarly teaching. In addition, for a few years he operated a Christian school, grades K-12. He held separate classes for Saints, wishing advanced biblical or ministerial training. He was one to encourage young men and women to follow God's plan for them. At least five of the young men in the North Bend church went on to obtain their ministerial license or to preach as laymen.

Throughout his years of ministry in the Oregon district, Rev. Bigelow has held positions as Sunday-School Secretary-Treasurer, Sectional Secretary-Treasurer, Sectional Presbyter, Oregon District Foreign Missions Director, Bay Area Hospital Chaplain and North Bend Police Department Chaplain.

He was the officiating Minister at each of his children's weddings and many of his grandbabies dedications.

During his years of ministry, Rev. Bigelow has always had a heart for supporting missionaries and evangelists. The church wall had an ever-expanding display of sponsored missionaries and evangelistic revivals were the norm. Throughout their years of ministry, Rev. and Sis. Bigelow have been hands in the field, supporters of home missions and struggling churches. For churches without a pastor, Rev. Bigelow has moved his family to pastor in the city of Coos Bay, Myrtle Point, Coquille and Prineville. In addition, he and sister Bigelow started home missionary works in Reedsport and another location.

In 2015, an Oregon district pastor publicly made this comment:

I didn't know it then, but he had just walked through a dark tunnel called cancer. Nor did I know the wit and intelligence that this humble gentleman contains.

This pastor further wrote that he is a man with the spirit of a pioneer.

Pastor and Sister Bigelow have ministered in Oregon since 1976. Now after retiring from pastoring in 2017, he preaches or teaches on request and in their beloved home church in North Bend, Oregon, pastored by Reverend Kevin and Lawna Goodwin.


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Served in the U.S. Air Force 1963-1967
(Learned the Russian language)

Married Wanda Messing in 1969

Graduated Conquerors Bible College 1972

Pastored in Stevens Point, WI - 1972-1976
Pastored in North Bend, OR - 1977-2007
Pastored in Prineville, OR - 2015-2017

Other ministerial positions held:

  • Oregon District UPCI Sunday School Secretary-Treasurer
  • Oregon District UPCI Sectional Secretary-Treasurer
  • Oregon District UPCI Sectional Presbyter
  • Oregon District UPCI Foreign Missions Director
  • North Bend Police Dept. Chaplain
  • Bay Area Hospital Chaplain

Rev. M. David Johnson


Inducted 2019

M. David Johnson was born in 1933 on Beaver Mountain in Haskell County Oklahoma. His parents were pioneer, One God Apostolics, and the entire family, including David and his four sisters, were all born again and baptized in Jesus' name.

Times were hard in those Depression years, and the entire family had to work hard to get by. Much of David's childhood was spent working on the farm cutting firewood or picking cotton in the summer.

With Church being the very center of their lives, family prayer meetings were the norm and attendance at church services was a given. Any time the doors were open, his father was a mighty prayer warrior and his mother was called to preach, and they saw many miracles healings and answers to prayer. The family helped the Apostolic movement get a foothold in the area by building brush arbors, sponsoring meetings and helping with the building of churches - some of which are still going to this day.

After graduating from high school in Clinton, Oklahoma, David attended Apostolic College in Tulsa, where he met Pauline. They were married in 1954. Later, they had one son, Dennis Johnson. After Bible school, David and Pauline went to help Loren Hedger in his attempt to start a church in Douglas, Oklahoma. Subsequently, they moved back to Clinton and were asked to fill in while the church searched for a pastor. After a short while, the church decided that they did not need to continue their search and that was the beginning of their pastoral ministry.

Their next pastorate was for three years in Spokane, Washington, and then Albany, Oregon in 1966, where they have remained to the present day. With the exception of a couple of years in the early 1970's, when they taught at Pentecostal Bible Institute and Jackson College of Ministries in Mississippi, Rev. M. David Johnson continued the family tradition of putting the church first.

Throughout his life, not only by pastoring, but by working in every way he could to build the Kingdom of God, he served faithfully in various offices he was called upon to fill. This includes serving many years as the Oregon District Secretary and seventeen years as the Oregon District Superintendent. He is currently an honorary member on the Oregon District Board and the United Pentecostal Church General Board.

Rev. Johnson continues to serve the Lord through faithful prayer and Bible reading on his large print iPad, and also by being a trusted friend, prayer partner and advisor to all who call upon him.


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Apostolic College in Tulsa, OK - 1951-1954

Married Pauline - 1954

Pastor in Clinton, OK - 1956-1963
Pastor in Spokane, WA - 1963-1966
Pastor in Albany, OR - 1966-1971, 1974-2005

Other notable positions:

  • Instructor at Jackson College of Ministries, 1972-1974
  • Oregon District Secretary
  • Oregon District Superintendent
  • Honorary Member of the Oregon District Board
  • Honorary Member of the UPCI General Board

Rev. Edgar D. Kearney


Inducted 2019

Served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Received General License with UPCI in 1959.

Pastored in Sutherlin, OR.

Served in ministry for over 50 years.


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Served in the U.S. Armed Forces

Received General License with UPCI in 1959

Pastored in Sutherlin, OR

Served in ministry for over 50 years

Rev. Barry A. King


Inducted 2019

Father & Mother came to know Pentecost in the 1930’s.

They were baptized in Jesus’ name in 1936 by Wilbur Crumpacker.

Wilbur King (father) founded the Salem church on Lewis St in 1943.

Attended Apostolic College in Tulsa, OK in 1950.

Married Alma Wise in 1953.

Granted General License with the UPCI in 1957.

Pastored in Allen, OK from 1958-1961.

Pastored in Morris, OK from 1961-1965.

Oklahoma District Youth President in 1962.

Ordained in the UPCI in 1963.

Editor of the Beacon (Oklahoma District Paper) from 1963-1965.

Pastored in Oklahoma City, OK from 1965-1977.

Oklahoma District Sunday School Director from 1968-1971.

UPCI Sunday School Secretary from 1971-1977.

Pastor in Beaverton, OR from 1977-2014.

UPCI Executive Presbyter from 1980-1981, 1986-1987, 1990-1991.

Oregon District Section 1 Presbyter.

In Ministry for over 62 years.


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Father & Mother came to know Pentecost in the 1930’s

They were baptized in Jesus’ name in 1936 by Wilbur Crumpacker

Wilbur King (father) founded the Salem church on Lewis St in 1943

Attended Apostolic College in Tulsa, OK in 1950

Married Alma Wise in 1953

Granted General License with the UPCI in 1957

Pastored in Allen, OK from 1958-1961

Pastored in Morris, OK from 1961-1965

Oklahoma District Youth President in 1962

Ordained in the UPCI in 1963

Editor of the Beacon (Oklahoma District Paper) from 1963-1965

Pastored in Oklahoma City, OK from 1965-1977

Oklahoma District Sunday School Director from 1968-1971

UPCI Sunday School Secretary from 1971-1977

Pastor in Beaverton, OR from 1977-2014

UPCI Executive Presbyter from 1980-1981, 1986-1987, 1990-1991

Oregon District Section 1 Presbyter

In Ministry for over 62 years

Rev. Vernon Reece


Inducted 2019

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Rev. David Reynolds

reynolds copy

Inducted 2019

David Reynolds was born to Ralph and Helen Reynolds in April of 1937. He was baptized in Jesus' Name at eleven years old and received the Holy Ghost at thirteen. He married Lorraine in 1959. They have four children of their own. Douglas, their eldest son was born severely autistic — a heartbreak and a blessing. David and Lorraine also took into their home a number of foster children.

For thirty years David served as a public School teacher and as an administrator. He first graduated from Conquerors Bible College, and then went on to graduate from a Christian liberal arts college with a BA degree with a teaching norm in high school Biology. He went on to get a Master’s degree in the field of science. David began to teach at the Junior High level, graduating to the fifth grade. During these years, he became active in the professional association as President and negotiator. Feeling that he needed to make a greater difference, he became a principal, earning credentials as a principal and a superintendent in all levels from elementary through junior college.

God began to deal with him as to the direction he was headed. Feeling that it was God’s will to remain for a time as an elementary Principal, he began to turn his face and desires toward the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. While yet filling supporting roles in his local church, God began opening doors for ministry within and without the local church with the blessing and support of his Pastor.

After surviving a serious accident in 1991, God impressed him to resign his position in public education and to enter the ministry full time. His ministry focused on the family and has since enlarged into the area of the teaching ministry, encouraging the teaching methods of Jesus. While serving as an AIM’er in Papua New Guinea, the textbook Methods of the Master was began. Recognizing a need in Sunday Schools as well as in our Christian schools David wrote his latest book Classroom Discipline—with a Christlike Touch.

In 1995, he began to minister to apostolic families through seminars. Handle With Care, a parenting guide for Christian parents, was birthed during this time. The door then opened for a monthly page in the Oregon Apostolic Accent, ministering directly to our parents. How can You Play House? and What do You Have In Your House? are a collection of many of these articles. Since that time, many of these short articles of advice appeared in many of our district papers for many years.

David Reynolds served our fellowship on the Word Aflame Curriculum Committee helping to develop our Sunday School literature. He was the director for the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools for the West Coast, and was also Director of Sunday Schools for Oregon. He also served as part of the Global Training Institute team, traveling with the Foreign Mission Division training Bible School instructors. He has ministered in 45 nations worldwide. He also served as Global Missions Director for Oregon and taught seminars both on the foreign field and locally in the areas of teaching methods and in family, focusing on marriage and parenting.


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Graduated Conquerors Bible College - 1959

Married Lorraine - 1959

Graduated Christian liberal arts college with BA - 1961
Graduated Christian liberal arts college with MST - 1963

Served as public school teacher in junior high & elementary school - 1963-1982
Served as public elementary school principal - 1982-1992

Other ministerial positions held:

  • Oregon District UPCI Global Missions Director
  • Oregon District UPCI Sunday School Director
  • Word Aflame Curriculum Committee member
  • Association of Christian Teachers & Schools - West Coast Director
  • Global Training Institute team member

Rev. Raymond Sirstad


Inducted 2019

Married Rebecca in 1961

Founded and pastored church in Klamath Falls, OR from 1963-1966

Founded and pastored church in Calgary, AB from 1967-1977

Academic Dean of Conqueror’s Bible College in Portland, OR from 1977-1982

Founded and pastored church in Hood River, OR from 1978-2004


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Married Rebecca in 1961

Founded and pastored church in Klamath Falls, OR from 1963-1966

Founded and pastored church in Calgary, AB from 1967-1977

Academic Dean of Conqueror’s Bible College in Portland, OR from 1977-1982

Founded and pastored church in Hood River, OR from 1978-2004

Rev. Jimmy D. Swank, Sr.


Inducted 2019

Bishop Jimmy D. Swank Sr.’s story starts as a young sailor on an aircraft carrier. He had a friend on this aircraft carrier. His friend, while on leave to Stockton California, had gone to the Kenneth's Haney's Church. When his friend returned to the ship, he began to talk to Jim Swank about being baptized in Jesus’ name.

Jim Swank thought, “Well, I'll help this guy and maybe help him come out of this this heresy.” He decided to go into the ship's library and do some research. Through research of historical baptism, he found water baptism in Jesus’ name was scriptural and he began to feel his need to be baptized in Jesus’ name.

Stationed on the United States Navy Bon Homme Richard aircraft carrier, Jim Swank served four years and was eventually released with an honorable discharge. They would launch F-3’s in full afterburner off of the aircraft carrier. It was very loud on the deck during this routine. Now, you may have heard of those who hear voices, right? Well, Jim Swank heard a voice one day as he was sitting in a room right underneath the flight deck. During this loud launching exercise, all of a sudden everything got really quiet. He heard a voice tell him to be baptized in the name of Jesus.

He asked, “When?”

The voice replied, “When you get into Japan.”

When Jim arrived in Japan, he was baptized by Missionary Parks in Jesus’ name. While still in the Navy, Jim began to feel his call in the ministry. He decided to prepare himself by going to Bible College, eventually choosing Western Apostolic Bible College in Stockton, CA. Attending WABC from 1964 to 1968, he graduated with a degree in theology.

While in Bible School, Jim met a wonderful woman by the name of Phyllis June Davis. They eventually fell in love and decided to get married in August of 1965. Also while in Stockton, he lost the vision in his right eye due to an industrial accident. Later, he was able to overcome this loss of vision to have his first child and teach two classes.

Jim had the wonderful opportunity of being mentored by four wonderful men of God in his life. The first one was Rev. Ray Miles in Evansville, IN. He received a call and was invited to come there and become Assistant Pastor. Rev. Miles helped Jim learn the ropes of the ministry and how to work with people. He was just a wonderful man of God and Jim is grateful for his time with Rev. and Sis. Miles from 1968-1969.

The second incredible man of God Jim was able to work with was Pastor David Gray from San Diego, California. While working with Bro. Gray, he learned some additional things in the ministry. To this day, he has a wonderful repertoire of things that he learned from Bro. Gray and he still holds him in high regard. Jim was an Assistant Pastor for Bro. Gray from 1970-1971.

The third wonderful man of God who mentored Jim was pastor Arthur Hodges in National City, California. From 1971-1972, Jim was an Assistant Pastor and worked closely with Pastor Hodges to develop their personal outreach program and their youth.

The fourth mentor Jim had the privilege of working with was Rev. Kenneth Haney in Stockton, California. From 1973 to 1976, as Assistant Pastor, he worked with the bus ministry as a bus pastor, brought in several children with this ministry, and has many friends today from this ministry. He feels very privileged to be a part of Rev. Kenneth Haney’s wonderful ministry and received some excellent experience in return.

In 1976, Jim answered the call to become a pastor in a little farming community in Texico, New Mexico, and was there until 1977.

In 1977, Jim came to Springfield, Oregon and began to pastor a little church in a town of about 47,000 people. Only eternity will tell how many lives Rev. and Sis. Swank have touched. Many friends, many missionaries have come through Springfield. Many lives have been touched and many people have decided to give their lives to the cause of Christ and to make God number one in their lives as a result of the Swank’s ministry.

Rev. Jim Swank continues to serve as Bishop of United Pentecostal Church in Springfield, where his son now pastors the church.


Life History Video


United States Navy - 1960-1964

Western Apostolic Bible College - 1964-1968

Married Phyllis June Davis - 1965

Assistant Pastor in Evansville, IN - 1968-1969
Assistant Pastor in San Diego, CA - 1970-1971
Assistant Pastor in National City, CA - 1971-1972
Assistant Pastor in Stockton, CA - 1973-1976

Pastor in Texico, NM - 1976-1977
Pastor in Springfield, OR - 1977-2012
Bishop in Springfield, OR - 2012-present